What is the Actuarial Outpost?

The Actuarial Outpost is the largest social networking site specifically made for actuaries. The Outpost itself has three basic subsections: jobs listings, actuarial news, and by far the most important, the discussion forums. These forums are broken into five major sections, subsections, and various number of forums in each subsection. This partitioning allows for the ability to find a specific forum dealing with near any area of actuarial science, as well as having sections exclusive to specific actuarial exams. One of the largest sections is one that deals with non-actuarial topics such as politics, surveys, and a special forum, known as “The Reef” where nearly anything goes; a place where actuaries may “let down their hair” as it were.

Our Stats

Our stats speak for themselves. With well over 14,000 members, 125,000 discussion threads and just shy of 2.68 million posts, it not hard to see that we are the largest gathering of actuaries world wide. With over 1,500 members logging in daily, and about 84,000 unique visitors per month, questions are answered/discussed usually within minutes of being posted.

Our highly active exam section regularly has over 100 people studying at any given point and even has many ActSci manual authors ready to answer your actuary exam questions. If you’re wondering how effective our actuarial exam study forums are, have a look at our :qunq:Did you pass threads:qunq: here, and here, and here, and here, and here . . .

Actuarial Science University Map

New to the whole Actuarial Science thing? Looking for a college that offers an ActSci Program? Check out our Actuarial Science College Location Map. We also have a forum for Actuarial Science Universities that is specific to each university. If you and a few friends want to share notes, ask questions, or discuss a certain class, Tom would be more than happy to structure your school’s forum specifically to your needs.

Chat Rooms

Sometimes you just want to unwind and chitchat with some friends. We have chat software that is fully customizable and easy to use. Chat with other actuaries about jobs, exam frustrations, or anything else for that matter.

The A.O. Post

Stay current with what is going on in the Actuarial World by checking in with our Actuarial Science News Aggregator. It pulls the latest news from sites such as ActuarialNews.org, Actuary.net, Yahoo Business and many others. The A.O. Post also has a Sports Section, U.S. News Section, Comics Page, and a Strange Stories Section.

Create Custom Profiles

Once a member, you can easily add custom codes to your profile page and make it your own, just like myspace. It’s not that hard to do, and if you’re not sure how, Tom is always willing to help and always creating new layouts.

Actuarial Benefits

Actuarial Students

Currently, the Actuarial Outposts contains links to old actuarial exams, various free tests questions, and a network of hundreds of actuaries who have been through the actuarial exam process, on the Life, Health, Casualty, and Pension tracks. Further, the Actuarial Outpost’s exam sections are frequented by many of the authors of the various study manuals in use, and most are very gracious in answering students’ questions.

Working Actuaries

Working actuaries are afforded the largest network of actuaries in the world, allowing for discussions and queries on all matters relating to the actuarial world.

Actuarial Job Seekers

Besides for the jobs posted on the forum, and the presence of D.W. Simpson, the board has a significant repository of questions-and-answers that affect job-seekers. This includes advice on how to handle interviews, resumes, and exam-related questions.

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