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  2. Zimbabwe actuarial science major at Villanova
  3. Kuwait insurance market growing, partly because of economic activity in Iraq
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  5. Momentum to write health in Mauritius, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania
  6. 3 new Syrian insurers: Al-Aqeelah, Al-Nour and The Syrian-Qatari Company
  7. Uganda to introduce national health insurance
  8. Kenya Re to IPO
  9. Qatar plans insurance companies association
  10. Saudi Arabia approves 13 new insurers
  11. Takaful annual premiums could reach $7+ billion in 10 years
  12. Weather insurance in Ethiopia
  13. Gulf insurance market expected to grow 40% by 2010
  14. Brazil may open reinsurance market
  15. Tanzania hopes to cover 45% of their population by 2015 with health insurance
  16. Latin American insurance growth
  17. Dubai may reduce surplus requirements to USD$10 million for many new insurers
  18. Dubai to likely require mandatory health insurance
  19. Venezuela launches state-run insurer
  20. Egypt to merge several state-run insurers and then privatize combined company
  21. Bahrain Insurance Trade Union president says many insurance employees underpaid
  22. United Arab Emirates to establish health insurance regulator
  23. Salaries for Actuaries in Middle East. like Dubai, Bahrain...
  24. Reinsurance intermediaries
  25. Actuary in Israel
  26. Brazilian Reinsurance
  27. Argentinian assumptions
  28. Who wins more an accountant or actuary ?