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  1. FOR SALE: Solutions Manual for Actuarial Mathematics
  2. actuarial mathematics 2nd edition
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  4. Exam P Actex DVD set $50
  5. For Sale - ASM Study Manual for SOA Course M
  6. Probability for Risk Mgmt w/ Solutions
  7. ACTEX Calculus Review, 2005 ed.
  8. Actex Study Manual for 1/P
  9. Mathematics of Inv. and Credit w/ Solns
  10. Ramanathan Manual for 1/P
  11. Looking For: Derivatives Markets
  12. Study Guide for Exam 1/P for sale
  13. Exam P Actex DVD CHEAP
  14. Mathematical Statistics 6th Edition for Exam P/1
  15. Theory of Interest by Kellison for FM/2
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  17. ASM Study Manual for sale.
  18. Want: Actex, ASM or CSM study manual for the CAS VEE Exams
  19. Multiple Guides for Sale
  20. BPP FAP exam 1 study manual and practice exams
  21. LOOKING FOR: exam P study manual
  22. FAP modules Actuarial Management Book (The Blue Book), Brand new, sell @85% of retail
  23. looking for Actex or CSM study manual for VEE statistics
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  25. For Sale: FAP textbooks
  26. For sale: VEE-ASM Winter 2006 Study Manual
  27. For sale Exam C study material
  28. For sale, Exam C study manual
  29. Actex Study Manual Exam 3 - Fall 2006 Edition - $50
  30. Fundamental of Private Pension FAP Modules Required book $49
  31. Want: Actex study manual for the CAS VEE Exams
  32. Want: ACTEX Exam FM Review Seminar on DVD
  33. For Sale: SOA Exam C/CAS Exam 4 study materials
  34. Wanted: VEE Corp. Finance Textbook
  35. ACTEX Exam P manual with Question & Answer Bank
  36. For Sale: ASM MFE Manual and Practice Exam Set
  37. For Sale: EXAM P BPP Course Notes + Q&A Bank + ExamP1CBT
  38. Advanced Finance/ERM book Course 8 - Insurance Industry Mergers and Acquisitions
  39. FAP book: Life Insurance - Products and Finance by Atkinson Dallas
  40. FAP book: Actuarial Aspects of Individual Life Insurance & Annuity Contracts
  41. FAP: Life Health and Annuity Reinsurance by Tiller
  42. FAP: Introduction to ratemaking and loss reserving for P&C Insurance second edition
  43. Group Insurance by Bluhm fourth edition
  44. Course 8 Risk Management by Crouhy
  45. Course 8 Corporate Finance Theory by Meggison
  46. Course 8 Real options by Trigeorgis
  47. FAP book: Understanding Actuarial Management: The actuarial control cycle
  48. Want: ACTEX Exam FM Review Seminar on DVD
  49. WANT: Bowers text for MLC
  50. 2007 Actex MLC DVD Seminar For Sale
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  53. ASM FM study manual
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  60. For Sale: Math of Investment Credits + Solutions
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  63. FOR SALE: Probability: The Science of Uncertainty
  64. Various Textbooks for Sale
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  69. Mahler's notes for CAS3 and MFE
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  72. Wanted: CSP ILA Spring 2007 Study Material
  73. For Sale: BPP Exam P/1, BPP Exam MFE, Ramanthan P/1
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  76. Mahler's Notes CAS 3 and Exam 4
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  78. Exam P Manuals
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  81. How to Pass - Course C (CAS 4)
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  83. FAP Books for Sale
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  85. Wanted: Life & Health Insurance Marketing, 3rd Edition
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  110. FET/APM textbook for sale: Investment Management for Insurers
  111. Looking to Buy Actuarial Mathematics 2nd Edition
  112. WANT Mathematics of Investment and Credit and Derivatives Markets
  113. Want ASM Study Manual for Exam P/Exam 1, 8th Edition
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  126. ASM study Manual for ExamC/Exam4
  127. ASM Study Manual for MFE/3F, 3rd Ed. (for Spring 2008)
  128. ASM Study Manual for MLC, 6th Ed. (for Spring 2008)
  129. Loss models with solutions book
  130. For Sale: Exam C/4 ASM 6th Ed. Manual (Current Syllabus)
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  138. Mahler Study Guides
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  150. For Sale: BPP Manuals
  151. For Sale: ASM MFE May 2007 ed, $25 shipped
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  154. ASM Exam C Fall07(6th edition) for Sale
  155. FAP textbooks
  156. For Sale: Exam 1/P ASM & Actex
  157. For Sale: ASM 8th edition Exam 1/P
  158. For Sale: ACTEX Exam 2/FM Manual 2007 Edition
  159. For Sale (Spring 2008 Edition) MFE Material
  160. For Sale: ILADP SOA Study Note 2007 Version
  161. ASM Exam C Fall07(6th edition) for Sale
  162. FOR sale, ASM FM study manual (7th, 2008)
  163. For sale, ASM FM study manual (7th, 2008)
  164. For sale, Guo's latest FM study manual
  165. For Sale: MLC DVD
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  171. Actex Exam C/4 DVD Seminar For Sale
  172. CAS exam 5 NEAS study guide and books
  173. For Sale: ACTEX (2007--current edition) Exam P Study Manual
  174. For Sale: ASM for Exam FM 7th ed., 2008
  175. Exam FM - ASM 7th ed.
  176. For Sale: BPP Exam P Q&A Bank 2008 ed
  177. FAP Books for SALE
  178. Actuarial aspects of individual life insurance and annuity contracts for sale
  179. AFE or old Exam 8E study notes
  180. Actex or Reynolds for AFE
  181. For Sale: ACTEX Manual for P/1, 2007 ed.
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  183. ASM CAS 3L Study Manual Spring 07 (6ed) for sale
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  185. FS: Actex P Video
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  193. For Sale: Mathematics of Investment and Credit
  194. For Sale: Broverman's FM manual (pre-Derivatives)
  195. For Sale: ASM manual MFE
  196. For Sale: ASM Manual MLC
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  210. ASM 3L 2008 Spring Study Manual for SALE
  211. Seeking: Klugman Loss Models, 2nd ed.
  212. Seeking: Cunningham, Models for Quantifying Risk, 2nd ed
  213. New FAP Books for Sale
  214. Seeking: Hassett, Probability for Risk Management, 2nd ed.
  215. For Sale: ASM 6th ed. FM study manual
  216. For Sale: ASM MFE Spring 2008 Manual (3rd Ed)
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  219. Looking for Exam P Flashcards
  220. Looking for Probability for Risk Management
  221. WTB: Any decent FM manual
  222. For Sale: Actex DVD Seminar for exam P
  223. Seeking: Derivative Markets 2nd Edition
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  229. Actuarial Mathematics 2nd Edition
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  233. For Sale: Intro to Ratemaking and Loss...
  234. For Sale: Group Insurance 4th Edition
  235. For Sale: Actuarial Aspects of Individual
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  249. Derivatives Markets
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