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  1. #1: make-up of forum posters
  2. Where was your first actuarial job?
  3. Meetings I
  4. Meetings II
  5. Meetings III
  6. Meetings IV
  7. Meetings V
  8. Peer review
  9. Product Documentation - Actuarial
  10. Product Administration
  11. Salary survey
  12. Salary Survey vs. DW Simpson
  13. Salary Survey vs. DWS (with a twist)
  14. New ASA Requirements
  15. Downsizing or Sacred Cows?
  16. Sold or Bought? 1
  17. Sold or Bought? 2 Discretionary coverage?
  18. Canadian salaries
  19. Offer / Interviews ratio
  20. For Employers: Interview / Offer Ratio
  21. Specialty Field
  22. Specialty Field Revised
  23. Combine SoA, AAA, CIA, CAS?
  24. Whither Inflation
  25. Simpson Survey (28-Aug-2002)?
  26. FSA raises
  27. How many hours a week do you work?
  28. Geographic distribution of AO members?
  29. What's your profession worth?
  30. Federal Charter
  31. Largest increase for switching jobs
  32. Salaries
  33. Is Sarbannes-Oxley affecting your practice?
  34. Salary Survey
  35. Professional Liability Insurance
  36. ...
  37. Will universal health care be implemented in the US?
  38. What would you do?
  39. Are exams largely irrelevant?
  40. Are exams largely irrelevant Part 2?
  41. What was your major?
  42. How many exams had you passed before landing a job?
  43. Does this bother you?
  44. GRE Subject Exam in Math
  45. How many jobs did you have before passing an actuarial exam?
  46. What makes a great actuary??
  47. Actuarial Exams, do they need refinement?
  48. Vacation time without work?
  49. Ever worked at a job where your boss got fired?
  50. Career changers - How is the career going?
  51. How hard was it to get a US job post 9/11?
  52. Average Age of Actuarial Department
  53. Off Site and/or Long Commute workers - Location
  54. Reviews
  55. Dress Code in 2004
  56. Longest Employment Period
  57. Do you generally carry a backpack to work?
  58. When do you perform you CFT/AAA?
  59. What field would you prefer to work in:
  60. If the grandboss suggests having dinner sometime....
  61. sorry
  62. Product Management
  63. What's your annualized raise?
  64. Exam Programs
  65. Financial Metrics of Consulting Firms
  66. employment opportunites
  67. DW Simpson salary survey poll
  68. Actuarian?
  69. The Profession
  70. IRA ROTH Question
  71. How far can I go?
  72. need some advice on changing to actuary
  73. Choices choices choices
  74. Are life salaries lower than health salaries (salary survey)
  75. Which industry has had the best salary growth recently?
  76. canadian salary
  77. Black-Scholes theory and modern finance
  78. Actuary and Lawyer
  79. Compensation Incentives
  80. If you have 20,000+ USD......
  81. A Question for Claude ?
  82. exam pay raises and bonuses for your company
  83. Actuary City?
  84. Actuary City?
  85. business travel
  86. How many times laid off?
  87. CAS DW Simpson salary survey-Claude
  88. RRSP - Declaring foreign accounts in US Tax Return
  89. Salary Ranges for different types of Actuaries
  90. Whose benefits rock the most?
  91. Regulatory environment - increments per paper passed?
  92. Getting acclimated as a student
  93. Life vs P/C vs Pension
  94. For Health Actuaries Only
  95. How many exams to get office space?
  96. Best Credit Cards (in USD & US bank-issued)?
  97. Does your boss know about AO?
  98. Actuarial posts / levels in your organisation
  99. ASA designation versus FSA designation
  100. Should there be a federal catastrophe tax?
  101. How old is your office furniture?
  102. Num of Professional meetings allowed?
  103. Employee Lounge
  104. SoA Annual Meeting & fall exams
  105. Office Publications
  106. Retiree Medical
  107. Net Worth as % Annual Income
  108. Is it time for Federal Catastrophe Insurance?
  109. How many surveys will be bumped?
  110. Let's assume...
  111. Let's Assume... Part 2
  112. Let's assume part 3
  113. Are you prepared?
  114. Personal Preparedness (non-insurance)
  115. SOA education redesign and student program raises
  116. CPI: Going up?
  117. Poll: How many offers did you turn down??
  118. What was your first actuarial starting salary
  119. How often are you paid
  120. How long for a response after an interview?
  121. Feepayer needs help
  122. Intern necessary?
  123. Canadian FSAs living in the U.S.: Would you....
  124. HK actuarial positions
  125. X Post for Actuarial study programs
  126. Mail Screening
  127. Business Cards
  128. If you could pick any CFO...
  129. What does '42' stand for?
  130. Switched discipline? (pls read my post before voting)
  131. I need an ethics check
  132. Does your job suck?
  133. Sitting for an Exam when you know you're leaving.
  134. What do you HATE most about your manager/boss/supervisor?
  135. Why is actuary ranked "Top Job"?
  136. Ever worked for a non actuary?
  137. Seminar:Managing Retirement Income
  138. Fellow/Student ratio at your company
  139. Should I/shouldn't I?
  140. Letters or $$$
  141. Hours/w worked by actuarial consultants
  142. Your Salary vs DW Simpson Survey - Spring 2006
  143. Cost of Living vs. Pay
  144. Cost of living vs. (salary vs. DW Simpson Survey - Spring 2006)
  145. What is the highest position of a credentialed actuary in your company?
  146. Does anyone in consulting not pad their hours?
  147. Career Salary Poll
  148. How long did it take you to start earning double your starting salary?
  149. How long did it take you to know your job?
  150. Inflation in 2007
  151. FSA Age
  152. ASA Age
  153. Age at ACAS
  154. FCAS Age
  155. ASA Travel Time
  156. FSA Travel Time
  157. FCAS Travel Time
  158. ACAS Travel Time
  159. Vacation Time
  160. How Long Did It Take To Find 1st Job?
  161. What do you believe in?
  162. Intern tasks
  163. Poll: Time from ASA to FSA
  164. Mentor Needed for High School Student
  165. Peer reviewing a colleage's work product
  166. Your Compensation vs. DW Survey
  167. What was your largest increase when you did not switch jobs? Include exam raises.
  168. Largest % raise - see details
  169. Masters in Actuarial Science
  170. Act. Sci. degree and exam success
  171. Current Salary, per year +bonus TOTAL per
  172. Sign-On Bonus for First Student Position
  173. Is there any big lay off for actuaries in history
  174. Certificate of Valuation -- present Value?
  175. How does your company deny a candidate interviewing for a postion?
  176. Casualty: More Actuaries or Fewer Companies
  177. How early is it too early to be an FCAS?
  178. CFO/CEO
  179. Hours Worked in Insurance Company by Field
  180. Study Time Outside of Work
  181. Actuaries needed for interest/occupation surveys
  182. Did you have an FSA party?
  183. FSA bonus/raise
  184. Separate Study Spot
  185. Study Space Provided
  186. ASOPs, Integrity, and the Code of Professional Conduct
  187. Title Distortion
  188. Yearend Performance Bonus as % of Total Compensation
  189. Most times you failed one exam? (ASAs and FSAs only please)
  190. Most times you failed one exam? (ASAs and FSAs only please)
  191. Worst grade on an exam? (ACASs and FCASs only please)
  192. ASA - MBA - FSA??
  193. Travel Time: Calculus to FSA/FCAS
  194. No of exams passed before first full-time actuarial job
  195. Québec, Canada Salary Survey
  196. Moving as an Actuary
  197. Change Location Without Changing Jobs
  198. How much raise do you get per hour of exam passed at your company?
  199. Data Problems
  200. Salary Survey
  201. Salaries - From Actuarial Track to Off-Track
  202. Salary adjustments
  203. How many years to reach management?
  204. CERA
  205. Is Genetic Underwriting OK?
  206. How far do you travel to get to work?
  207. Entry level with less papers passed is better?
  208. How long does it take you to get to work?
  209. What method of transport do you use?
  210. salary adjustment - what now
  211. FAP Interim Assessment
  212. Department Communcation re: interviews
  213. sign on (after first job)
  214. Post Your Companies Exam Raise Structure Here
  215. Please check my arithmetic
  216. Vacation - How much
  217. Are you required to have a state insurance license?
  218. Did you have to come in on New Year's Day?
  219. Cubicle or Office?
  220. How big is your cubicle/office??
  221. CPI in 2008
  222. Salary incerment after passing exams
  223. How long do you keep professional periodicals?
  224. How closely do companies follow the DW Simpson Salary Survey?
  225. Year-end overtime?
  226. Rehashing an old debate: Has the FAP devalued the ASA designation?
  227. Annual Raise Amount
  228. Travel time to ASA
  229. economy
  230. Actuarial Responsibilities vs. IS?
  231. DW Simpson Survey
  232. Acorns & Trees
  233. Trees & Acorns
  234. Moonlighting?
  235. Do you own rental property?
  236. Geographic distribution of AO members?
  237. Age distribution of AO members?
  238. Study time and FAP
  239. Salary Increase per Hour of the Exam???
  240. Career changer or not?
  241. Interesting Thread
  242. CERA Support?
  243. Vote for SoA President
  244. Vote for SOA VP
  245. Vote for SOA Board
  246. Vacation days a year
  247. salary distribution of AO members
  248. Learn a foreign language?
  249. Good with numbers?
  250. Post your company's study program