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  2. Still can't get enough AO???
  3. New option to show which actuarial society you're in under your user name
  4. Embedding Youtube files
  5. I've added a new style for you guys!
  6. Let there be Nested Quotes, I say!
  7. Soup up your profile page w/ CSS
  8. New thread/post icons we would like to see added
  9. New Smooth Darkness Theme
  10. Show your pins vs. Don't show your pins
  11. Forced Ignore is now working
  12. Rollover profile thingy extraordinaire
  13. 1/5/7 - Slight disruption of service for about 10 minutes @ 8:oo p.m. Tom Time.
  14. 1/11/7 - Slight disruption of service for about 20~30 minutes @ :shrug: some time
  15. There will be games to play at some point in the night
  16. Instituto dos Actuarios Portugueses option under 'Actuarial Society'
  17. New User CP drop down menu (Just look up)
  18. Now get Amber Alert notifications while surfing the AO.
  19. New Version of FlashChat Now Installed
  20. New Quick Reply under PMs
  21. What exam are you studying for?
  22. 2,000,000 posts!
  23. We've added The Actuarial Society of Hong Kong to our list of societies
  24. University of Florida has been added to the ActSci Univ Forum
  25. Invite fellow actuaries to the Outpost with our new address book import system
  26. A Word About Alternate IDs
  27. Reminders from your friendly neighborhood mods
  28. Actuarial Society of South Africa Members, pin yourself...
  29. Actuarial Outpost hits 4 million posts!!!
  30. New Infraction Points
  31. A comment on strong language
  32. Actuarial Outpost User Data & Privacy Statement