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  36. The US experience shows that a 3rd party forum such as the AO makes sense for us too
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  38. UK: did the proposed new body protect the profession's heritage?
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  40. UK: what's in a name?
  41. UK: Were the proposed Charter, Bye-laws and Regulations right for the profession?
  42. Institute Council elections 2009: ask candidates questions here
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  44. Reminder: < 50% of eligible voters voted FOR the CAP merger
  45. In an admin error, joint FIA/FFAs might not have received ballot papers!
  46. MCEV (Market Consistent Embedded Value)
  47. Yo Patrick
  48. UK Council members: where do you stand on the key issue of communications?
  49. Are UK Council meetings open to members to attend?
  50. UK merger plan 3: Councils would like new vote ideally before end of 2009
  51. UK: Institute Council 2009 election results
  52. Solvency II impact - will reinsurers have similar capital to insurers
  53. Pension market in Europe
  54. Old Chinese saying -> new English actuarial saying ...
  55. Dec 2009: Will most companies meet the Oct 2012 Solvency II deadline?
  56. Dec 2009: Will YOUR OWN insurance company meet the Oct 2012 Solvency II deadline?
  57. Various polls about governance in Professional Surveys subforum
  58. Institute and Faculty names removed from official letters in Dec: Why??
  59. Revised draft charter proposed for 2010 merger vote
  60. Copies of correspondence between FIDELIS and Inst/Fac Councils are on FIDELIS website
  61. Free online CPD (Continuing Professional Development)
  62. Faculty Pres. admitted "Neutral/Promote" Communications policy, yet denied any bias?
  63. Risk areas to be mitigated in the current merger proposals
  64. Haven't requisitioned SGMs been extremely rare for the Institute or Faculty?How many?
  65. Good or perhaps even excellent merger now on the cards?
  66. Official 2010 merger plans
  67. Alternative proposal: Unification better than Merger
  68. Official doc making case for merger
  69. Merger vote 2010: please do not vote before reading FIDELIS response
  70. Please vote AGAINST merger now, to get Unification later!
  71. Merger cost: 400k so far, another 240k budgeted! Unification much cheaper
  72. I now support 2010 Merger proposal, my major objection having been removed!
  73. Merger of Institute and Faculty now approved!
  74. CAE Meeting, June 22 in London
  75. Actuaries in Russia
  76. Estonian statistics
  77. Mortality Table
  78. IMSC Outreach to Expat CAS Members
  79. Masters path
  80. IFoA 2014 Council elections: I believe "cabinet responsibility" in spec is a mistake