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05-15-2003, 11:22 AM
Anyone tried the SOA online courses for PD credits. I only need 5 more PD and there are courses on the SOA website worth 1.5 credits each. 4 courses should do it for me at $75 a pop. Any advice or experience with this? Any software problems or issues?

05-15-2003, 03:21 PM
Which ones (if any) do you think apply to your plan?

I ended up needing one lousy credit, so I did the 1.5 credit "Prescription Drug Update," which cost my employer $75.

I had no software problems. It was simply an audio/video/PowerPoint transcript of a SOA meeting session. I included it in my PD plan in the same way as I did the other SOA meeting sessions.

It seemed like I could have simply read the printed transcript from this particular session, and come up with the same comments and "insights."

This begs the question: "How does the SOA verify that what's in your PD plan strictly includes sessions you personally attended, or paid to watch online?

Never Ending Exams
07-19-2003, 11:11 PM
I only need 9 PD credits. I could not find the reference about possible PD credits for SOA online courses.

(1) Where is it mentioned ?
(2) How can I order these online courses ?
(3) Is the cost $ 75 per course ?

Please help. Thanks a lot.

annabel lee
07-20-2003, 01:55 AM
When you send in your Initial PD Plan and filing fee, there's a box on the payment form (http://www.soa.org/eande/pdfiling.html) to check off if you want to include an additional $125 for the Distance Learning option. This gets you access to all the online courses as well as the tapes of past meetings, etc. (Paying for the online courses individually does cost about $75 per course, I think.) There's plenty of info about it on the filing form linked above. I used 2 courses, because that was all that related to my track. You can get up to 15 credits from online courses and/or tapes.