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11-14-2003, 01:54 PM

Great news for me, it looks like both CAS5 seminars are over holidays :(

Anyone know when the CAMAR seminars are?

11-14-2003, 03:40 PM
Richard Goldfarb posted this on the CAS discussion board:

The Midwest Actuarial Forum (MAF) and Casualty Actuaries of the Mid-Atlantic Region (CAMAR) will each be hosting Exam 8 Seminars for the 2004 exams.
The 6-day seminars will be held in two separate 3-day sessions on the following dates:

MAF: March 5-7, March 19-21
CAMAR: Feb 27-29, March 13-15

Detailed information about these seminars, student feedback from last year’s seminars and registration forms can be downloaded from the following website: www.homepage.mac.com/rsgoldfarb .

The 425 page study manual containing reading notes, sample problems and solutions to the old exams will be emailed in Adobe PDF format to all students as they register for the seminar.

For those students who are unable to attend either of the seminars, the study manual may be purchased directly from Richard Goldfarb. Order forms for the manual are also available at www.homepage.mac.com/rsgoldfarb . The manual will be emailed within 5 days of receipt of your order.

Special Note to Former Students – If you have attended one of Richard’s previous Exam 8 seminars, or you have purchased his Exam 8 study manual in the past, the updated 2004 study manual is available for FREE. Simply send an email to Richard at rsgoldfarb@nyc.rr.com requesting a copy.

Any questions about the seminars or the study manuals should be sent to rsgoldfarb@nyc.rr.com .