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03-27-2002, 09:22 PM
I'm a near-FSA working for a large insurance company, and I'm considering going back to school part-time to get an MBA. (I guess I'm going through withdrawal now that I don't have any more exams to study for. :smile:) I'd like to get some input from other actuaries who have gone this route:

1. Do you feel that getting your MBA was worthwhile? Has it helped you in your job?

2. How would you rate the difficulty of getting an MBA (i.e. compared to actuarial exams)?

3. Any other comments?

Thanks for your input!

Pub Guy
03-28-2002, 10:09 AM
MBA's have been discussed ad nauseum in this forum, so you may want to scroll down and try to find relevant threads.

I got one before starting exams. I think they're a dime a dozen unless you go to a top notch school (eg., Wharton, Harvard, etc.), which I didn't.

I found that there was some overlap in subject material relative to exams (accounting, finance, stat/OR), but I found the exams much harder. However, I think at a higher end school, the competition alone would make the classes harder (which I also believe makes the upper level exams harder relative to the lower level exams).

I don't think an MBA will help in the traditional actuarial position, but it looks good on a resume and may open doors to management opportunities.