View Full Version : C5: thinking about thinking about studying...

11-06-2004, 04:41 PM
Okay, so this'll be my first crack @ 5, and I'd like to kick some butt. Skimmed thru past posts, and this is what I'm thinking:

Purchase All10, CSM, CSK.
Study schedule begins Dec1, finish first run thru by March 15.
NEAS seminar Mar17-21.
Practice problems March 23-April 22.
Practice exams April 23- May 4.
Back massage May 5.
Drink heavily May 6 1pm thru....?

C5: starting out each topic this way seems to have been very useful in the past, lets' keep this up.

Who else is out there w/ me?
Did people actually read all the webnotes? or, do most skim thru them, or only reference them? Not sure how to tackle the insane amount of readings.