View Full Version : NEAS Course 8R seminar

09-25-2002, 11:43 AM
I just came back from the NEAS seminar and thought I would share my thoughts about it with anyone who cared.

Quick summary - not worth attending.

There were two instructors (Kevin Shand and Krzysztof Ostaszewki). KO focused on the investment stuff with some other areas and Shand did the rest. Shand was OK. My primary beef with him is that he wouldn't show specific examples of the few quantitative subjects on the syllabus. He helped with the overview of the material, but most of us already have that overview from years of work. He tried to relate the material to the case study, which was good, but I don't think he went quite far enough. My understanding was that he was nearly useless for the 8P day. Can you imagine trying to teach 8P without actually doing a single numerical example?

KO was nearly a total waste of time. Although I would like to have taken him in a university course, since he had a number of interesting comments and was fairly interesting, he lost sight of what should have been his goal: to help us pass the exam. He was too interested in teaching that subset of the material that appealed to him in a college course fashion.

Anybody else have any comments?