View Full Version : Take 8V for the 3rd time or try a new exam?

01-15-2003, 06:56 PM
I am really having a hard time with 8V. I took 220 (got an 8) and bought 230. I do like the material, and I learned a lot (more than the tests that I passed)!! I did not memorize much. I really did not think that memorizing would help with this exam. I tried to learn as much I could about each topic. It seems that the topics I really thought would show up on the exam, did not get tested this year or last. There is not a good study guide and no condensed outline to help clue me in on what others (the test makers) thought were key topics. I do want to start studying soon. I figure why wait. I really want to be done with this. Part of me does not want to give-up all those hours studying and on 'what if' the topics that I really learned well are on next years test? The other part of me thinks a fresh start maybe beneficial. I think I am too deep in the material, if there is such a thing. For those of you who passed 8V, what approach did you take? Did you memorize a lot of list? Did you just try to learn all the math type questions? I know you need to do both, it just seems that I keep memorizing topics that are not tested. How did you decide what to memorize or did you really memorize all of it? If you took a different exam, how did you like that material? Any suggestions are appreciated!!! : )

01-15-2003, 08:04 PM
Looking through the pdf of the 11/02 8V exam, I spewed out memorized stuff for the following questions:

1 a&b
2 a,b,d,e
3 a&b
4 a,b,c,d
5 a,d
6 a,b
7 b,f
8 b,c

9 a,c
11 c
12 a,c
13 b,c
14 a,b,c,d
15 a,b
17 a-e
18 a,b

I got a 7; it was my first attempt. If you think you don't have to memorize because it's got a lot of math, guess again. I had about 90 5x8" flash cards of stuff I was trying to memorize (about a chapter per card). I didn't get it all in my brain, but apparently enough (maybe 60%). Working problems is great. Understanding the material is great. But they are both worthless if you don't memorize the lists of details they are going to ask about.

Another key: the night before I went over the flash cards for all the stuff that was new to the syllabus this year. I think something like 4 of the 5 new chapters were tested.

How did I decide what to put on my flashcards? I looked over past exams and looked at the level of detail they asked about. For everything in Actex that looked vaguely like a list, I asked myself if I could picture them asking that specific thing as a question on the exam . Usually, the answer was yes. Then I put it on my flashcard.

01-15-2003, 08:15 PM
Take 8M. At least if you fail that, you'll have a lot of company.

01-16-2003, 01:49 PM
I passed 8V in my second attempt with a 6. I was hopping to get at least 7 or 8. I answered more than 90 marks worth of exam. Except 2 or 3 chapters and 2 or 3 study notes I covered most of the syllabus. Based on my experience, I believe, try to learn what you think is impossible to learn and can never be asked on the exam. It sounds counter intuitive. But the examiners know what the students are going to leave behind, so guess what, that is what they put in the exam. I believe the bar is really really high for course 8. All I can say, try again with a new ambition. Set your bar high.