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System notes with Christopher

Posted 09-28-2008 at 11:29 PM by Len Myers
ulpian: 3/5 leads v suits, 4th v nt...can't remmeber whether you are upside down or rightside up
ulpian: also can't recall whether you keep up with the joneses or the smiths ;)
->ulpian: smiths.
ulpian: udca or std?
EdmundB: std, plz. I've been playing a lot of udca with a person who mangles it.
EdmundB: I can do K-S update.
EdmundB: 3rd/5th & 4th is fine.
ulpian->Lobby: come here and beat up on KS
EdmundB: not very subtle, that.
ulpian: what about defensive bidding? vs their NT do you know apstro?
EdmundB->Lobby: yes, we're truly awful, awful players. :)
EdmundB: No astro derivatives!
ulpian: also, when we open and they overcall, cue = limit +, jump raise = preempt, regardless of notes

ulpian: ok, landy v their NT
Albert628: Hi, I can only join for a few hands. ty
EdmundB: landy is fine.
ulpian: you make apstro sound like a put ;)
mopoke: hi p
EdmundB: rather, Astro like substances are for puts.

ulpian: so...weak NT and 2/1?
EdmundB: welcome to the northeast. and to the connecticut state speed limit of... 35? :)
EdmundB: sure.
ulpian: actually, it's 65
ulpian: better than NY
EdmundB: what's the acceleration limit?
ulpian: same as IL
ulpian: state income tax is what I am not looking forward to
EdmundB: well, you can't have everything. at least in CT there's... well, there's proxminity to lots of tournaments.
EdmundB: wlc
beatrice12: hi all
ulpian: is that the opposite of proxmaxity?
EdmundB: exactly.
EdmundB: wlc
ulpian: weak NT 2/1 4 way xfers, invm off in comp, aKx, 3/5 v suits?
EdmundB: sure.
ulpian: glp
EdmundB: ty. let's see if I still remember how to play.
ulpian: nicely played
ulpian: rev drury also, but no bergen
EdmundB: what, you want some natural bids?!

ulpian (Lobby): play a few hands when i am actually awake?
->ulpian: well sure.
EdmundB: hi again.
ulpian: weak nt. 4 way, invm off in comp, 3/5 v suits, 1430
EdmundB: I saw at the club there's a regional your way in mid october.
EdmundB: and yes.
EdmundB: by 4-way, you mean w/preacceptance?
EdmundB: wlc
ulpian: yeah, not Danbury I think...I have very tentative plans for it
duru1111: hi all opss..
EdmundB: hi duru
traidmor: hi all
ulpian: definitely not playing anythign before then....local sectionals in the next few weeks conflict with social plans
duru1111: hi p..
EdmundB: wlc traidmor
traidmor: hi all
->duru1111: 15 to 17 for partner
->traidmor: 15 to 17 for partner
ulpian: yeah preacc on the 4way

ulpian (Lobby): i'll start a table
ulpian: weak NT 2/1 aKx 3/5 v suits invm off in comp?
EdmundB: If I find my chat log from last time, I can reconstruct our card.
EdmundB: wlc.
ulpian: landy, capp or nat v their NT?
EdmundB: but yes, that looks like the start of our 2/1 (sort-of) card.
EdmundB: not DONT?
ulpian: 4 ways xfer, sys on over 2C or artificial X (nat over pan X)
ulpian: i will play capp, Woolsey, Landy, or natural, but not DONT
EdmundB: CAPP is fine, given these options.
ulpian: ok
EdmundB: I think you're missing one of the great joys in NT competition, but that's your call.
ulpian: you must prefer SCUM to DONT
ulpian: i would play SCUM
ulpian: against strong NT
EdmundB: I know not of the SCUM of which your speak.
EdmundB: wlc
ulpian: Dbl = 2 suits same Shape, 2C = 2 suits same Color, 2D = Majors, 2NT = Minors
ann2003: hi all
EdmundB: do you feel up to kickback? :)
ulpian: maybe SCMM a better acronym
EdmundB: ACK! a CRASH Variant.
ulpian: sure, as long as 4H is not kickback for diamonds when it is a playable final contract :)
EdmundB: Playable final contracts are always natural. :)
ulpian: even when it's a 4-2 fit :)
EdmundB: it's important that it be a playable 4-2 fit.
ulpian: in that case 4S is kickback for D :)
ulpian: so, SCMM or Capp vs their NT?
EdmundB: Yes. This will add gratuitous fun while not substantially improving results.
EdmundB: capp.
ann2003: bye all
ulpian: one way rev drury
EdmundB: later, ann
ulpian: tough finding opps tonight
EdmundB: any chance that 2!d can be the drury bid?
EdmundB: perhaps my reputation has preceded me.
ulpian: would prefer not...i won't remember
EdmundB: that's always a valid point.
EdmundB: except when WE play, and it's my memory on the line.
ulpian: i also think it's inferior when hearts is to be able to stop in 2 opp full opener
ulpian: 1h-2c(drury)-2d(some interest)-2h(min drury)-pass
EdmundB: fine.
ulpian: unus vs unus lower cue for lower suit?
ulpian->Lobby: need 2 adv
EdmundB: we can do that. I agree with Rubens that the cue with least rooom should be support.
ulpian: so what do you think of McCain's running mate?
ulpian: ok...we can do higher cue is limit+ except for 1D-(2NT)
ulpian: when 3C really need to be a diamond raise, and 3H the GF with spades
EdmundB: I read of her a few months back. Apparently high approval at home.
ulpian: is she young enough to be a Chinese gymnast?
EdmundB: ok.
EdmundB: No, but her youngest two kids are.
ulpian: ahh, right, you like useful space...Rubens advances too, or no?
ulpian: her youngest kid only a few months old
EdmundB: Try going to power line, scroll down a bit, and you'll see her beauty queen pic
EdmundB: sure rubens advances.
monica01: hi
EdmundB: Gawd, I haven't played this stuff since well.. we played ftf.
EdmundB: wlc, monica
monica01: ty
ulpian: So...Rubens adv on my us after simple overcall of their suit opening at any level, if the next player *passes*
EdmundB: Here everyone plays Jersey Standard. ACK!
EdmundB: yes, or... doubles?
ulpian: at least with Hilary we wouldn't have had to wonder whether the VP gets maternity leave
ulpian: i usually play Rubens off over doubles, but we can play it on
EdmundB: If you have a pref, we'll do it.
ulpian->Lobby: Need one adv
ulpian: i presume new suit forcing when it isn't Rubens
ulpian: after a double, non-Rubens new suit shd be NF
ulpian: if they opened at 1 level
EdmundB: that's how Jeff wrote it up. Since I like good overcalls, that fits my basic stragedy.
ulpian->Lobby: Need a 4th for fun IMPs
Patterson: hi all
EdmundB: don't be silly, this won't be fun. :)

ulpian: i thought 1NT was 5-8
EdmundB: you wanna play K-S, we'll play K-S.
EdmundB: or we can do 5-8.
ulpian: wd prefer 1NT resp to minor to be 5-8 whenever plahying weak NT
EdmundB: excellent.
ulpian: of course, i was rebidding 1NT over 1H...question is whether i had guts to do that over 1D
ulpian: sorry, just need to lead yr 5 card suit instead of mine

ulpian: weak nt 2/1 unless rebid or unless 1d-2c
EdmundB: y
ulpian: better than this morning...had a busy week
EdmundB: I'm sure I can find those notes.
EdmundB: sorry to hear that.
ulpian: unusual vs unusual (lower cue = limit or better except for 1D_(2NT)- then 3C limit or better
ulpian: remind me our leads and carding
EdmundB: I know you mean higher cue
ulpian: i know k from akx
ulpian: yes, i did
ulpian: sorry
ulpian: "braino"
EdmundB: who knows. about carding. I think we do 3rd/5th, and 4th vs notrump.
ulpian: ok
ulpian: udca or std?
EdmundB: udca
ulpian: ok
ulpian: ud smith or no smith?
EdmundB: if I remember it. I agreed udca on Thursday and promptly forgot that for half the session.
ulpian: lol
ulpian: i asked which and you picked udca :)
EdmundB: we haven't done smith but reverse smith ties in reasonably.
ulpian: ok
ulpian: i know you like USP stuff....i thnkwe agreed rubens advances after a pass or double or a nonjump overcall?
ulpian: of a
EdmundB: usually I use the principles of obvious shift. or obvious shaft.
ulpian: depending on the gender of the opponents? :)
EdmundB: sure, and if you think not after double, that's fine.
EdmundB: quite.
EdmundB: btw, is "pass" in our vocabulary?
ulpian: only with "at" against female opps :)
EdmundB: ok
EdmundB->Lobby: two pleasant adv+ opps for table ulpian, plz
ulpian: btw, 5 urinals in the men's room, Billy Eisenberg at the first, Barry Crane at the 2nd, no one else there...what do you call it?
EdmundB: I sense danger.
ulpian: ace-queen-empty fifth
EdmundB: ouch.
ulpian->Lobby: come here and double some weak notrumps
EdmundB: how about ace, stiff empty fifth?
ulpian: i didn't know whether barry was the man or the woman
EdmundB->Lobby: Even Canadians are welcome at table ulpian! :)
EdmundB: brb
ulpian: am i accidentally in a different club than the main bridge club?
EdmundB: no
ulpian: maybe i shd close and reopen, get back to top of list
ulpian: i'll do that when you return...let me know when
EdmundB: b
ulpian: i guees i shd reopen
EdmundB: new
EdmundB: go ahead
ulpian: ordinary nmf or 2-way checkback?
EdmundB: two way is fine.
ulpian: what about1x-1y-2nt? transfers?
EdmundB: I was introduced to 1x - 1y - 2NT, 3c wolff 3d checkback. no idea if it's sound
ulpian: unsound...tough to find minor suit fits
EdmundB: oh. I haven't done that
ulpian: works over 1M-1NT-2NT also...each suit a xfer to the one above
ulpian: responder's suit and lower could be to play
EdmundB: I recall that bit of bidding.
ulpian: higher are GF and so need not be accepted
EdmundB: from our K/S daze
EdmundB: Are we getting to Negative Slam Double territory yet? :)
ulpian: 1h-1nt-2nt-3h=xfer to 3S,which wd be a splinter
ulpian: not until vthey change the meckstroth rule back
EdmundB: Christopher, you have a decision to make: Play to win, or prove you're the better player. Which is it to be?
ulpian: actually, will havo no such decision if we can't fnd opps

ulpian: 3H would have shown 4 spades, but i agree with 3NT anywqay with that hand
EdmundB: I wan't clear that we'd decided this situation.
ulpian: 3H = 4-4 specifically
ulpian: with 4sp 5 hts, you bid 3D and then 3S
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