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Posted 02-10-2009 at 04:56 PM by sweetiepie
Updated 02-18-2009 at 01:17 PM by sweetiepie

me: i don't know about this fight club nonsense
i mean, i don't like paluichuck.. or however you say it
i feel like it should end in chuck too
4:36 PM i mean, i like fighting!
and clubbing!
and burning down credit card buildings
but i don't know what it all has to do with each other
on the other hand
i borrowed firefly from alex last week, so i feel like i've got a reasonable grasp on anarchist philosophy
4:37 PM and i understand that "stuff".. is to be understood variously
and it's probably easy for you
because you've never been rightfully addicted anything in your life
4:38 PM but me, because, obviously i neither find stuff all that addicting or even all that interesting...
stuff.. is.. to me.. seen from a MMORPG perspective
4:39 PM the gathering of it is part of the game, but it's best taken with a kinda ironical eye
i guess like sex..
4:40 PM because it's mainly relevant to itself
4:41 PM and whether it actually improves the game is separate from whether it's wanted
or to be more explicit
where from i come, it's normal for a man to drop 50 real dollars on a sword that don't do more than 3 more damage per a second
4:42 PM which means, to the man, that it takes 2 seconds less to kill the gray trolls, and makes it a little more possible to kill the white dragons
4:43 PM because the white dragons have ten more life, and drop slightly better swords themselves
4:44 PM anyway. there're those items that have no real effect on game play
then there's comfort items
like a bigger backpack
but then you start filling that backpack mighty quick
4:45 PM and then you don't even notice it
then there's the game changing items
the ones that mean more content
like an airplane that lets you travel to the moon
4:46 PM and then items that mean less content
like a scroll that makes it so you longer have to travel to the moon
cuz in the end, there's only one reason to stop playing a game
4:47 PM it's when it becomes grind
or rather.. when the grind becomes too large
when everything you've invested, and everything that you're digging for
4:48 PM loses importance, in light of the feeling, of digging through the same 5 caves, killing monster after monster, looking for the same rare drops
its always a grind, in some way or another, but sometimes its more and sometimes its less
4:49 PM (not that i actually ever got into an mmorpg, but that's what i hear told)
anywho, that's my take on stuff
4:50 PM of course, just about all games get to be lame in the long run
and it goes without saying that once you stop playing the game, all the stuff goes away
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