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my laptop was stolen

Posted 02-01-2009 at 03:49 PM by sweetiepie
Updated 02-01-2009 at 04:02 PM by sweetiepie

It wasn't much of a heist either. I put it in the trunk of my car, closed the trunk, walked inside. Noticed I was missing my keys ten minutes later. Walked back outside, saw that I had left them in the keyhole, and that, of course, the laptop was missing. And probably my gps too?
It's frustrating I guess because what else do I even own? A 10 year old car, some ratty clothes, a couple books, a dying ipod, and a cell phone that I don't like having to have. But I guess it's not that frustrating because once something is lost, at least it has a tendency toward becoming forgotten as well.

It's my fault, I guess. Then again, that implies that I deserve to have my things stolen because I am forgetful. Which is a little like suggesting that a woman deserves to get raped because she's small. But it's my fault anyway, in the sense that I don't think I could claim insurance on it. Or that someone could be sensibly angry at me if it was their laptop. Or that maybe I should not bring my laptop to as many places, knowing that I'm forgetful enough for it to get easily stolen-- in the same dumb way that maybe a woman should be careful where she walks at night.

And on the bright side someone, somewhere, now has a new laptop. I hope they like it. I hope they read all the secrets I wrote in it, and listen to all the music I stole. I hope most of all they don't just wipe it and sell it. That would be the worst shame. For there is, I'm sure, a real nostalgia to having something you stole, even if it wasn't a very exciting crime. I wonder if they got a cruel pleasure from it? Maybe they'll be young for a few more weeks because of it. Maybe not.

Petty crimes, I think, are the most universally damaging. And by that I don't mean small crimes, I mean crimes committed by small people. People who just want an extra dollar, or extra thousand dollars. Or who just want to satisfy a sexual urge. Or to look good and strong and wise and cool. Or to make someone else's day bad. The everyday ******* that is, that's who populates hell. Whether they actually commit a crime or not, they create vast amounts of negative utility just by being themselves.

The rest of the crimes: the desperate, the insane, the curious, and the very carefully considered. They are always justified, in some light. They make somebody satisfied. They fulfill some special need. Even if the need is only chaos.
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