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Polly Nomial 08-19-2002 06:08 PM

Captions - New picture every day!
How about trying our hand at writing captions? I (or someone else) will post a picture. You supply the caption.

Anonymous 08-19-2002 06:18 PM

"Hey Glenn, lighten up! I only posted a bad thing about Traci once!"

Anonymous 08-19-2002 06:19 PM

Shekky's erotic dream

Polly Nomial 08-19-2002 06:20 PM

Re: Captions[/quote]

Don't try anything funny!

Anonymous 08-19-2002 06:22 PM

"OK Mr. McDonald, the trial lawyers have spoken. You've just sold your last death burger, clown boy."

Mathlete 08-19-2002 06:23 PM

"Young man, there's no need to feel down, I said, young man..."

Pi Man 08-19-2002 06:28 PM

"dispatch, this is unit Bravo-three-ten. i need backup at 12th and walnut - some clown tried to hold up the liquor store..."

G. Gordon Wolfe 08-19-2002 06:38 PM

Polly, you won at your own game! Cheater!

Polly Nomial 08-19-2002 06:40 PM


Originally Posted by Guitar Wolf
Polly, you won at your own game! Cheater!

What are you talking about? And who said anything about a contest?

G. Gordon Wolfe 08-19-2002 06:41 PM

Yours is the best so far, that's all. :)

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