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SweepingRocks 07-12-2019 09:04 AM

April 2019 LTAM Passing Numbers Have Been Released

Passed thank you baby jesus.

Edit: There was speculation as to the legitimacy of the original numbers posted around 8am. It looks like those numbers were real. I've updated the link to the official release.

trxlr 07-12-2019 09:12 AM

Says I passed, but how did you get the link????

SweepingRocks 07-12-2019 09:17 AM

It was posted on reddit

Seasplash 07-12-2019 09:18 AM

Only 753 passed the Fall LTAM exam but looks like about 1070ish people passed Spring LTAM. Probably means a higher than average pass rate.

And yes, I passed too!

trxlr 07-12-2019 09:19 AM

Before the SOA releases it? I'm trying not to celebrate too hard since I can't see it directly form the SOA :spnner:

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