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NotSmart 01-21-2019 11:06 PM

LTAM Study Strategies
There are quite a few people on this board who haven't even passed this exam but act like they scored a 10. They routinely provide false information and pull down other candidates who desperately need to pass this exam.

These people constantly tell others to avoid memorizing and focus on understanding. I am telling you right now that understanding the material will not help you pass this exam.

I have stated many times in the past that LTAM is a MEMORIZATION TEST.

The most frequent complaint that candidates have regarding this exam is time management issues. Many candidates, including myself, can't even complete the entire exam in 4 hours. There is absolutely no time for you to think in the middle of this exam. You have to immediately know how to solve a problem when you see it. You can't pause even for a second.

There is no thinking on this test, which is why understanding the material isn't the key to success. Memorizing and knowing which formulas to use immediately are how you will succeed on this test.

windows7forever 01-21-2019 11:28 PM

I agree that CA is a great tool to study for ASA exams. You took MLC before. Did you just memorize techniques and shortcuts to pass LTAM? Even though there were some contents got removed from MLC, LTAM only got more material than old MLC after all if many new contents were not tested in October 2018 sitting.

You said you had work and no study time since that's your 4th sitting after three 0s on MLC. How did you go through all LTAM manual and memorizing the techniques used in solving those questions in 3 months? Did you buy CA Video Lesson too?

It would be very difficult for someone to improve from level 0 to level 7 on ADAPT in such a short period.

By the way, even CA coaches would not recommend to memorize a lot shortcuts but teach to derive formulas from first principles. I do not think most of questions on LTAM or MLC were similar to sample questions from SOA. At least those written answer questions did not have similar styles as past questions but they were not quite difficult either. If you just memorized the techniques to solve old sample questions, that would not make you go beyond score of 3 or 4.

windows7forever 01-21-2019 11:34 PM

The part that I did not agree with the tip you provided was memorization. Very few TIA or CA formulas could be used in directly solving the real exam questions. Each exam brings new style questions that did not appear in the past, so it's impossible for these preparation tools to keep updating their formulas.

I had at least half hour were going back and forth thinking multiple choice questions I was not sure and written answer questions I made calculation mistake that had to rewrite from scratch. I still passed the exam with more than 1/3 of questions completely blank.

Ursus_Maritimus 01-21-2019 11:56 PM

Yeah, that's just b.s. in my opinion. I agree that the multiple choice is memorization, but the written answer by design twists the question in a way that memorization will not be enough to pass.

NotSmart 01-22-2019 09:14 AM

If an exam tests how fast you can do problems, then it's not testing for understanding, or at least the primary goal of the test isn't to measure understanding.

Yes, the WA questions are slightly different than usual, but I felt LTAM WA questions were straight-forward and just formula regurgitation.

Humphrey 02-23-2019 03:05 AM

I think people view understanding and memorization differently. In my experience, understating concepts and first principles makes memorization of formulas very easy. LTAM requires both understanding and memorization. There are questions that require you to modify the formula before applying it and this is where understating becomes a huge advantage. Therefore, I think it's important to have both. Memorization will help answer direct questions faster whilst understating will help get by curve ball type of questions that require modification of certain formulas.
Memorization by itself makes it very difficult to answer certain questions whilst understanding first principles on it's own makes it very difficult to finish the exam. Having both makes you completely prepared.

zenkei18 05-24-2019 01:26 PM

This is a ridiculous argument. If I gave you a list of formulas and you memorized them, and then gave you a practice exam with absolutely no other context, you would fail gloriously.

You have to understand what the components of the formula represent. No problem is going to plug that in for you.

SweepingRocks 05-24-2019 07:55 PM

This guy is a known troll. Ignore him and report this post.

DarkAce 05-24-2019 08:16 PM

He was all over Reddit at one point too. This clown was all over the Fall'18 thread as Liar and made more than 10 accounts on Reddit since he kept getting banned. That clown probably didn't even pass this exam.

Spacecatraz 05-26-2019 04:17 PM

If you haven't passed the exam I don't think you should be doling out advice on what it takes to pass.

This exam is very difficult for a multitude of reasons If you don't have a deep understanding of the material, save yourself the time and don't show up on exam day.

Also, OP's argument that a timed course not testing your knowledge is, um, interesting, which exam on your track is untimed?

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