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campbell 08-21-2010 02:32 PM

Son stores dead mom in backpack and related pension fraud tales
I'm going through my huge queue of pension stories, and I feel this one deserves its own thread


A Japanese man stored his mother's remains in a backpack, police discovered. And mama had company.
In the latest case, police said the dead woman's 64-year-old son admitted to authorities that his mother died nine years ago. He said he couldn't afford to bury her, so he placed her in a backpack.
"I laid out her body for awhile, washed it in a bath, then broke up the bones and put them into a backpack," the man said, according to the AFP.

But police are suspicious and are investigating the son for fraud because his mother continued to receive pension payments long after her death.

campbell 08-21-2010 02:34 PM

This is old, but one of the commenters on the above story provided it:


A Brooklyn man accused of dressing as his dead mother to collect $1 million in benefits and loans kept a casket in his living room, investigators said.

City marshals made the discovery when they showed up to evict Thomas Prusik Parkin and his brother from a Park Slope brownstone at the center of the alleged scam.

It's unclear why Parkin had the coffin - another bizarre detail in a case so twisted it shocked probers from the Brooklyn district attorney's office.

Parkin, 49, allegedly began posing as his mother, Irene Prusik, after she died in 2003.

He filed a blizzard of bogus documents with government agencies, collecting $62,000 in Social Security payments and $65,000 in state rent subsidies, officials said.

Rimolo, 47, is accused of posing as Irene Prusik's nephew and escorting Parkin - who walked with a cane and wore a wig, makeup, nail polish and long, red dresses

Bureaucrats, banks, lawyers, mortgage brokers and title company representatives were all fooled by the cross-dressing con, prosecutors said.

Just two months ago, Parkin allegedly posed as his mother to get a $938,250 mortgage on a $2.2 million Park Slope brownstone - despite the fact it was owned by someone else who bought it in foreclosure in 2003.

Parkin and his family lived in the home for decades and stayed after it was sold.

Until the marshals showed up in March, he managed to avoid eviction and paying rent with a flurry of legal actions in which he posed as his mother and even invented a son and a nephew, officials said.

campbell 08-21-2010 02:35 PM

Here's a pic of the cross-dressing fraud mentioned in the 2nd story:

Hey, looks convincing to me.

JMO 08-23-2010 09:25 AM

Oh, please.

At two former employers, I was told variations on the same story. A finger in a jar of formaldehyde, used to put an identifying fingerprint on the annuity payment checks. Although the location of the illiterate deceased varied from company to company, I am pretty sure the story is apocryphal. In both cases.

OK, back to the ongoing discussion of where to hide the dead bodies.

campbell 08-23-2010 09:47 AM

What, are you saying the guy didn't look like a little old lady when he was in full get-up?

It is funny to see how many o the supercentenarians of Japan are just pension fraud situations. "Politeness" is not really a function of government. It's a pretty big embarrassment when they found out the "oldest person" had really been dead for thirty years.

Mark Cavazos 08-23-2010 07:13 PM

It has been a long time since I saw "Psycho". Maybe it was a pension fraud scheme. Now, that would really be scary.

JMO 08-24-2010 08:51 AM

Orson Scott Card's novel, Songbird, included an incident in which his hero helped uncover a scheme in which the government folks running the pension scheme were skimming off money from reported but not "recorded" deaths.

campbell 08-25-2010 09:25 AM

criminal charges filed (different japanese pension fraud story... but does involve mummified remains)


The complaint, filed by the Japan Mutual Aid Association of Public School Teachers, has prompted the Tokyo police to investigate if the family of Sogen Kato, who would be 111 if still alive, illegally received the pension money payable to his late wife, a former teacher, by giving the appearance that he was still alive, the sources said.

After retreating to his room around 30 years ago, Kato refused to have meals and water, and what appeared to be his mummified remains were found in July at his home in Tokyo’s Adachi Ward. He appeared to have died some time around the end of 1978, according to the sources.

eagle_halo 09-03-2010 09:10 AM

I translated this for colleagues at work, but I think you guys will find it interesting as well...

Numerous municipalities in Japan are investigating its centenarians. Today, the Yamaguchi municipality found out that they have a 186 year male resident who is still registered as "alive" in the municipality.

The result of the finding indicated that this 186 year old male was born in the Edo period, year 1824.

The municipality also found three other centenarians: two males aged 165 and 164, and one female aged 158. These people are all registered as "alive" in the municipality.

Since it was recently discovered that a number of centenarians have gone missing, the Yamaguchi municipality has asked all 19 cities under the municipality to conduct their own investigation. As of today, 17 cities responded.

The finding indicated that there are a total of 9414 centenarians in the municipality. If they are all alive, there will be 12 centenarians over 160-year-old, 33 centenarians over 150-year-old, 186 centenarians over 140-year-old. This finding shocks the officials in the Civil Affairs Bureau, which handles matters concerning family registration in the country.

Once it is approved by the district Legal Affairs Bureau, the municipalities can take these centenarians out of the record. Yamaguchi municipality Legal Affair Bureau said, they can only investigate these records one by one, and there is no telling how long it will take to finish all the outstanding investigations.

In the Kyushu region, Kumamoto City has a female centenarian aged 152, Oita City has a 141-year-old woman, Kagoshima City has a 140-year-old woman.

The findings from Kumamoto City indicates that there are 315 centenarians age over 120-year-old. The city council believes that these could be people who died in the war or their relatives did not report their death to the district Legal Affairs Bureau.

Yesterday the city of Osaka announced that the city's oldest person, 153-year-old is still registered as "alive". Last night Mie municipality confirmed the oldest person, if alive, is 163-year-old. However, the record was broken again today.

Source: CNA news

campbell 02-06-2011 09:34 AM


Pension payments are to be suspended for 553 missing elderly people, despite the fact that they are still recorded as being alive in family registries, the welfare ministry has decided.

Of the total, 507 pension recipients whose location is unknown did not use the health insurance system for people more than 75 years old, according to a Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry survey released Friday.

A separate survey based on reports from municipal governments showed the whereabouts of an additional 46 pension recipients are unknown.

The ministry survey covered more than 340,000 pension recipients who did not use the medical insurance system for one year until June last year.

So, just as one knows that infant mortality stats are often fudged, looks like the old age stats may be fudged as well.

Wonder how much these "data issues" affect the relevant mortality tables.

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