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Moderator1 04-28-2019 11:17 AM

Good luck, all! (Spring 2019 LTAM)
Our semiannual reminder, with date updated:

Just a reminder - LTAM this session is Tuesday, Apr 30.

This forum is a great place to get together after exams - HOWEVER -

PLEASE be careful about what you post while the exams are still taking place! Please wait until after 8 PM eastern time on Apr 30 to discuss the exam. Be sure to post nothing about content before then.

We will turn over to the SoA the IP address and whatever other information we have about anyone who compromises the security of exams in this forum.

When in doubt - WAIT.

Part of the exam is multiple choice. You may be tempted to participate in a popular answer key (PAK). PAKs are not part of the AO and the AO has no control over them. If you do participate, we recommend that you do not submit any answers to the PAK before 8PM eastern time, as you cannot be sure about PAK security.

Thanks! And GOOD LUCK ALL!!
Good luck wishes from me, all the other moderators, and Tom.

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