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trueblade 03-08-2018 06:03 PM

Most Difficulty Actuarial Exam in the World
heard many actuarial exams in India had a 0% passing ratio (with 200+ candidates...)

Is this true? can someone please confirm

Nick IW 11-08-2018 05:12 AM

0% has only ever happened twice. Once with a CT3 paper (that's the equivalent of exam P), and the other is a specialisation paper (I don't remember which one).

Despite following the IFoA syllabus, the IAI exams are made extra hard in general, because it requires you to remember more mechanical things, like how two formulae are equivalent, or requiring you to derive a certain formula. It focuses more on you remembering things as opposed to how those things can be applied in real life.

I think the reason is that rote learning is part of the Indian education system, and there is no reason why the exams should be made that hard.

On the flip side, I have had the experience of writing IAI exams that people say are easier than the IFoA, such as CT7 (Business Economics). So what a few of my classmates do, is they shop around for the easiest exams between IAI and IFoA.

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