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Originally Posted by MattTheSkywalker View Post
Actuary jobs are a commodity; DWS and Co. might get mad if I say that, but only the slothlike movement of the insurance industry keeps those jobs in American hands.
I haven't read the posts in this thread prior to yours, but...

If they're a commodity, they're a global commodity because everybody seems to want them. Many companies in the US (and in most countries) can't hire all of the actuaries that they'd like to hire and jobs remain open for awhile.

A lot of those jobs are already not in American hands. Actuaries are needed almost everywhere usually because home markets are growing, not generally because some slothlike industry's actuaries are slowly being replaced. Some discussions:

Additionally, to speak about the generic "American actuarial jobs" is oversimplifying the differences between actuarial disciplines. Way different global shifts are going on on the casualty side, for example, than are happening on the health side.

It also ignores other employers of actuaries, such as consultants.

Non-traditional employment of actuaries is growing, as has been outlined at and

I could write pages on why a wholesale shift of actuarial jobs to a lower cost group of countries simply isn't going to happen. It's far more complex than that.
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