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Originally Posted by ahow View Post
I'm about to lose my mind here. I had only used my wife's Kindle a few times and enjoyed it, but now I've hit a snag and I'm baffled as to why Amazon hasn't fixed it.

So my wife read Hunger Games and moved on to the second book. I started reading the first one. Well, it uses the last page of the book as the "furthest read" position, so if I try to sync the position on my Galaxy Tab, Evo, and her Kindle, it just flips to the last page. I have had this problem on footnoted books as well. I would sync the page and instead of going to the page I was on, it would go to the footnote I had read at some point.

Why the hell won't they just sync the current reading page? Or at the very least give me the option to reset the further read location? My only option is to do some 9 step process involving a PC and device (repeating for each of the devices I read on) or call customer service (which people said some of the reps have no idea what you are talking about). Plus there are about 100 threads on Amazon asking how to do the arcane process themselves. How is this possible? I am shocked.

BTW, my $79 Kindle is coming tomorrow. Despite the above rant, I'm super excited that I don't have to gank my wife's Kindle all the time.
Yes, this is a very frustrating aspect of the Kindle experience. One time I was reading a book with a lot of footnotes. The footnotes were hyperlinked to the footnote text at the end of the book. I clicked on one, and Kindle set my furthest read page to basically the end of the book. For all intents and purposes, that broke sync for that book because it never had the page right.

I do believe there is some abstruse process you can follow to clear the sync page, but it looked like more trouble than it was worth.

iBooks keeps up with that last page you were on, not the furthest. I wish Kindle would do the same.

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