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Originally Posted by Lucy View Post
I'm puzzled, my kindle always opens to the last page I was on, even if I have bounced around. What are you guys doing differently?
It does stay on the same page on the device you are on, but if you use multiple devices, it doesn't.

-Read on my Kindle e-reader to page 150, click on a footnote and go to page 250. Go immediately back to 150. Read a bit further to 175.
-Pick up my phone with the Kindle app. When I open the book, it might be on the first page if I haven't read on that device, otherwise it is wherever I last read on my phone. It asks if I want to sync to the furthest point read. If I do so, it takes me to 250 in the footnotes. The only way to figure out where I was is to look at the page number in the Kindle e-reader. So I figure out that I was on 175. I read to 200.
-I go back to my Kindle e-reader and it has me on page 175. If I sync, it takes me to page 250. Otherwise, I have to remember where I last was or check on the last device I read on.

If Amazon would implement a "sync last reading point" or a way to reset the furthest read point, none of this would matter. It is mind blowing.
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