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Originally Posted by Lucy View Post
Got it. I tested the Amazon Kindle app on my gadget, once, but I really only read Kindle content on one Kindle. I don't own any other electronic devices that are really pleasant to read on.
I just got my Kindle device Tuesday, so I've been exclusively on that since then. Prior to that, I was using my wife's Kindle and then using my Galaxy Tab to read when she was using her Kindle. So a lot of "Hey can you check where I last was?" going on.

Also, after using it for a couple of days, there is no way I would want the Kindle Touch. I love having the side buttons to click through pages instead of reaching around to touch the screen. I hold mine with my hand spanning the back.

As for typing, I've only had to type twice: entering my wifi password and finding the page I was on when I last read on my tablet. I don't take many notes and highlighting (which I do a bit) is the same on all the Kindles.
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