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In honor? of the year's end, and our own MPC, 'tis time to collect a few violent-reverse-persitalsis-inducing paranomasia, from the never-to-be-upcoming tome "Puns to Induce Projectile Vomiting" for your distinct intestinal displeasure:

Why is France is Donald Trump's most detested country?
Well, we know he hates Toulouse.

Which former Soviet premier had a relative who established the most successful door-to-door delivery service in Russia?
Yuri Andropov and his cousin Pikup.

In the recent collection of piano masterpieces titled "Betrayal - A Roman Tragedy", which piece is a reminiscence of the dramatic muder scene?
The Etude Brute by Julia "Lizst" Cesar

The catalog of the novelty store "What the Dickens" has a number of quaint items including:
  • Clothing for those with multiple honor society watch keys
    • Spoiler:
      The Vest of Times
  • A variety of Herbal Sausages
    • Spoiler:
      The Wurst of Thymes
  • Female Aerobic Dancercise Videos
    • Spoiler:
      All of her: Twist
  • The compleat collection of metallic grid spitoons: A photographic journey
    • Spoiler:
      Grate Expectorations
  • Paired sets of connected animal-hide sofas
    • Spoiler:
      The Tail of two Settees
If you still have any chyme left in your colletive digestive tracts, further selections from this important tome can probably be arranged

As the zymurgist hare described to the horticulturalist the etiology of the somnolence induced by his seasonal craft beer: Hoppy Holly Daze
All scientists defer only to physicists
Physicists defer only to mathematicians
Mathematicians defer only to G-d!

--with apologies to Dr. Leon Lederman
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