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Default Westley asks you to please START HERE

OK, as of September 2017, I'm re-doing this thread.
This thread, formerly the "Best of" thread, will include links to where I think people should be going for a variety of issues, basically a directory of good threads, not all my own. This will be the starting point for anything I think is worth sharing (whether my work or others). As such, I'm cleaning up some of the other stuff in here. Sorry if your post got deleted.

If you're new to the AO, and looking for job advice, most of what you need is here, with labels and organization to help you find it. Your question is probably NOT new and original, which is not to say that I'm discouraging you from starting a new thread, but consider whether you might go through some of the threads here and find your answers and/or contribute new questions, thoughts, or ideas. I would also like to take this moment to encourage those who get advice to come back and tell us what happened so that others can learn from your mistakes/successes. And please don't start a thread, get helpful responses, then delete everything after you've gotten help - you're deleting info that the next person will want.

The suite of Westley-endorsed threads - where I sat down and wrote out some good material that I think is broadly useful and at least somewhat organized (formerly was in my sig line):
(roughly in order of when you'll need them)

Should I become an actuary? This isn't the career you're looking for. You can go about your business. Move along.
Yeah, there's some real clowns in the field, but even if I ignore that, isn't the market, like totally saturated?OK, I ignored that and decided to become an actuary. Can you help me write a resume? (note that this is pretty old but really hasn't changed much. Might update sometime soon; you still won't get a job if you have "atention to detail" on your resume) Resume writing for beginners
OK, the resume was easy, but what about interviewing? Westley talks about interviewing
Or, maybe I can network my way to a job? Westley talks about (EL) networking
Got a job! Hope I don't screw things up once I start working! Westley advises newbs
OK, now how do I get a better job? I don't want to get a better job, how do I move up at my current job? Westley talks about Corporate Bureaucracy

Coming soon: Westley discusses "When they ask your current salary"
Reference thread:

General advice and disclosures for any Westley-endorsed thread:
Feel free to add questions and anecdotes of your own. These are not intended to be just me expounding philosophically to an audience.

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