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Default Before you post your resume for review...

Hi there! A few pointers about posting your resume for the folks here to review...

1. There's a new subforum for this! You can see it at the top of the Careers - Employment forum, and here's a handy link:

2. For your own privacy, please remove any obvious links to your identity - name, address, e-mail, phone, university name, company names. Be sure to check the properties of the document before you post - your name, etc., could be in there, too!

3. All suggestions made about your resume are just that, suggestions. They are not commands. Some of the folks making the suggestions are people who regularly review resumes, so they know what makes a good resume for an actuarial position. Some of the folks are college students like yourself and don't really know any better than you do.

4. Westley's sticky thread is a must! READ IT!
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