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Originally Posted by George Frankly View Post
You can definitely mix and match subs. I've done it a lot and never had any major issues.
Originally Posted by George Frankly View Post
Basically, no free lunch.

You could do crazy loud with a couple of small-ish subs, but you wouldn't get 20Hz. Pro subs typically play to 40Hz, or perhaps 30Hz, but that's about it. So yeah, if you want bonkers SPL and deep extension, you're talking about very large subs.
Outlaw has a model up from mine that is normally over $1600, and they're selling it now for $1,099 and free shipping. It's bigger than what I've got without being a frightening monster that I could never hide. It's the only THX certified single-sub available in the US, for whatever that's worth. (Other subs get THX certification, but only when sold in pairs.) Would that be likely to give me the mind-blowing performance I'm seeking?

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