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Originally Posted by AoyagiAi View Post
I've tried to look up this information on the website but I couldn't tell. I'd like to ask if the study manuals/flash cards/other materials have printed copies with the package as well? I personally learn better with books in front of me that I can write on, not sure if this is provided with the package price...
Great question! We do not ship printed copies of the materials, but everything is provided in DRM-free PDF (i.e. normal, non-proprietary PDF that works on any device) to give you maximum flexibility with how you use it. All PDFs are designed to be very print-friendly for anyone who chooses to print them. For example, the detailed study manual has a full table of contents at the beginning and clear page numbering, headers, footers, etc. so that it looks great on normal US letter paper. Same for the lesson handouts and other outlines. The PDF flash cards also include instructions for how to print on card stock (of course our new Flashcards app gives you all those cards in your pocket with no effort on your part!).

We’ve found that PDF just offers the most flexibility, and there are a lot of electronic tools to make it even more efficient. One of my favorite PDF annotation apps is PDF Expert for iPad and iPhone. It makes it really easy to highlight and annotate PDF files, which I think facilitates learning. Using a tablet with a pen (e.g. iPad Pro, Surface, etc.) is also great. PDF also allows us to get the material in people’s hands faster, especially the growing number of international customers that we have.

Most people that want to print in bulk either use their office printer or send it to a print service. It is fairly inexpensive per page if you go that route.

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