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Originally Posted by Angstrom View Post
Here's the thing, self-confidence comes in several flavors. To pick some movie characters to make this a little more concrete: Hannibal Lector and Cool Hand Luke were both extremely self confident. I would feel much more comfortable sitting down and talking with the latter.

What flavor are you? (FYI - you have more than the two choices above).
True. Never seen Cool Hand Luke though. Nothing that is said is so unexplored that it causes me to react emotionally. As a result I don't really go through the gamut of facial expressions during a conversation. I smile using my eyes to do mosts of the work, and try to tell tasteful jokes when the opportunity presents itself or laugh if they tell jokes. My voice isn't monotone. I think the main thing that makes me appear different is just blankness. Anything I haven't identified as a common way to show friendliness I just don't do at all. I have a lot of interconnecting knowledge on different subjects and like to bring up deeper arguments about things that come up.

If there was a character that looks like how I TRY to come across it would be someone like John Doe. What do you think I could do better?
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