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Originally Posted by TZK View Post
This requires more specifics. Otherwise it could just be a metaphor with no direct connection (a central issue to the thread).

When I was in college this preacher stopped everyone and preached at them about his beliefs. I began talking with him and he said something along the lines of "Think with your heart, not with your brain".

What does this mean? Obviously the preacher said it because it sounded like it meant something. The truth is though, it doesn't mean a damn thing - it's nonsense. You can call it an unconnected metaphor - it implies that one situation is like another when it really isn't.

There are millions of things people can say that sound like they mean something when they really don't. It is these types of arguments that people use to justify poor and immature behavior towards someone like me. When in reality what is behind it is a fundamental difference in character that makes the other person feel threatened.

Because my mind is trained not to think this way, people who say things like this just look like a bunch of animals running around screaming "1+1=3 SO I BETTAR THAN UZ" and then trying to pick a fight with me or using anything they can to try and attack me.
This guy can't be serious.
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