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Default UK and Swiss actuarial market

Looking at all the threads with discussions regarding the American actuarial curriculum, progression, salaries and benefits quite depresses me. It seems like starting salary here is at most 30k pounds (and they butcher you after taxes) and that's living in London which is a nightmare.

I will be graduating next year with a placement in a prestigious investment bank under my belt (they don't really pay interns much), a first in actuarial science from a top 20 uni, 8 exams completed by the time I graduate, sas/sql/vba/python fluency and all the generic prequisites someone is supposed to have to compete in this industry (well apart from a prestigious uni but I am unsure how that will influence my entry level prospects).

How much are actuaries with 3-5 years experience making in the uk? Are you guys living comfortably? What salaries/bonus should one expect with 3-5 years experience? How much were you making when you got your entry level job? Which industry is the most well paid (insurance, pension, consulting etc)? Which has the best work life balance and the best long term or short term profits? Which has the most interesting work and allows for amazing personal progression?

It depresses me when I see ads from Swiss reinsurers advertising vacancies with experience of 5 years offering 150k cfh plus bonus, or American insurers 100k dollars +.
How hard would it be to get American sponsorship and move to the US for an entry level job? Where should I even be aiming in the uk market in terms of EL vacancies that can be matched with my qualifications?
How does one even acquire sponsorship to move to the US or Switzerland? Would Switzerland be a realistic destination for graduate actuarial jobs?

Many thanks
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