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Default Can you post list of R packages required for workshop?

Can you post a listing of all R packages that will be used in the workshop? I need to pre-load them this week while in the office and can get temp admin rights for my laptop. Others will be in the same situation I am sure. At a seminar last year, the instructors were using non-standard (but common) packages that I could not get access to in real time.

In one of the pre-reads for this workshop there is a listing of packages used in last year's seminar; I'm going to start with that set. Still, it would be very helpful to have a definitive list in advance this year. I would consider it a best practice for educational seminars like this, where participants may have stringent limitations on external software downloads.

Also, my company's latest version is R 3.3.0 - hopefully that will be good enough.
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