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For me it would go:
  • IA (Only over the FA since you're not allowed to talk to or work with anyone on the IA, also I failed the IA twice)
  • FA (I haven't received a passing grade yet so I reserve the right to move this up the list. Waiting on results for my 2nd attempt.)
  • EOM 6 (This exercise seemed extremely vague to me. I struggled to see exactly what they were asking. Also this is the only EOM exercise I failed so it has to be my most difficult.)
  • EOM 2 (This is another exercise that I thought was rather vague and could've been asked more clearly.)
  • EOM 1 (Just because it's the first exercise, I think everyone will struggle a little getting into a different mindset from the exams.)
  • EOM 3 (This included a decent amount work and but the questions were more clear than the ones listed above.)
  • EOM 7 (This seemed more straight forward to me. This was probably because by the 7th module I was starting to get better at modules.)
  • EOM 6 Retake (I thought this was very straight forward, again this could be due to having done all other modules and the IA and FA by the time I was working on this.)
  • EOM 4 (I thought this was the straight forward and clearly asked module.)

Keep in mind that everyone comprehends things differently, I wouldn't be surprised to see someone with a completely different order. It seemed to me that each EOM exercise, as well as the IA and FA, offer a unique challenge.
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