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Default Study Strategy

Originally Posted by DukeCrow View Post
Would you consider your study manuals a complete syllabus replacement? Or are they more of a supplement?

Thank you.
The study guide is of course best used in conjunction with the original articles. However, I have received feedback from one person who passed on my study guide alone (exam 8, second attempt). The idea is to follow a study algorithm like this
1. read the article
2. read the study guide
3. review and focus on the main conceptual points
4. understand and remember critical formulas
5. work through all past exam problems to assess problem solving competence
6. repeat steps 1-5 until the syllabus is covered entirely
7. do the practice exams from easy to hard and go back to 1-5 after each exam if needed
8. at some point you get past step 7

One suggestions for studying, and this is somewhat unconventional: When reading articles or doing practice exams, try a place with a lot of distractions rather than a nice quiet location, e.g. when I was in NYC I worked on problems while riding the subway.
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