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Default Study Guide

Originally Posted by DukeCrow View Post
Thanks for the above study algorithm.

Yes, that's what every study manual provider says. I guess my question is whether your study manual is a summary of the most important points of each article (therefore, being best used as review and requiring prior reading of the articles in order to gain comprehensive understanding), or if your study manual attempts to teach the material with the assumption of not having read the articles previously.

Any manual will require some form of prior understanding, either from the syllabus' articles or else. A full discussion of the topics of exam 9 without assuming the articles would lead to 1000+ pages without the exercises. Moreover, I believe it to be ineffcient on a first attempt to not read the articles and rely on outside sources.

The purpose of my study guide is to prepare for the exam, and in that sense all topics are summarized with the assumption that the underlying articles were read at least one time. Some chapters however are fairly self-contained. It is meant as a guide to the main points and a path to soving past and new problems.
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