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Originally Posted by Enough Exams Already View Post
Bad bosses, OTOH, are a different matter. I've seen them drive away whole teams to other companies. The biggest problem with bad bosses is how the company handles the problem. Most seem to be pretty unresponsive; managers are "made" guys, and the company will take the manager's side over the worker's side every time.

Was my case at my last job (My manager's manager). When he was hired was a team of 12 people. When I finally quit there were 7 people there, 2 of them new hires. Wasn't really realistic about filling positions, always expected some perfect candidate to come in. Just managed to find some flaw in every candidate they interviewed and passed on a lot of good candidates. Despite repeated messages from CA and department head about finding ways to do less he always wanted more to be done. Liked the people who would work 12 hour days to get everything and pushed out the people who wanted to prioritize the work to get done what actually needed to be done. It was a bad situation.

Also my manager wasn't very good either. Very unclear about performance. Would tell me at mid-year I was doing a good job, keep it up kinda thing. Than blind-sided me with a shitty performance review at the end of the year. I asked him what happened and he denied ever saying I did a good job or anything like that.

Was a bad situation.
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