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I had one bad boss, and that lasted for about a year. Not only did he have poor managerial skill, a lot of his actions invloved sexual harrassment, verbal abuse, and using employees as scapegoat whenever a project did not go as intended. He would even outright threatened employees saying that "If you make me unhappy, I would make sure you would not get a job ever in this field. I know many people in this small field."

My actions were keeping track of all written documentation as well as possible. I also had multiple discussions with HR and comments from other managers that I worked with to back my work quality/ethics.

Since HR could not/would not take any actions, and multiple employees who left before me mentioned the same feedback. I realized that it would not do my career any good staying in such environment. I gave notice, left and never looked back. Looking back, I did not know I had the courage in me (to leave without another job lined up), and I am glad I left at the time.

I am now in my new job and very grateful for a reasonable and supportive job environment. It only took me less than 2 months to find a much better position. Life is good now.

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