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Originally Posted by hamstrman View Post

Can't say I'd mind boring/less thinking/pay less... At least I say that in the hopes of lower expectations. I come with no self-worth my whole life, so I've been reading job descriptions and thinking, "I can't do that!" Nothing looks doable.

I do think I'm stuck being an actuary, like you and others have said.

I got into this profession because it was "automatic raises" by passing math tests. A great combination! I'm dedicated, but I'm not a "motivated go-getter," so I relied on that. I'm not AT ALL interested in becoming a director or an AVP. I want a job, do it well, keep having job. Although stuffing envelopes all day would probably drive me mad.
Originally Posted by hamstrman View Post
It was probably uniquely crappy circumstances that I got lucky to have to deal with. But deal with that for years and you stop believing you can do anything right. Luckily, I can keep that belief to myself during interviews!
Originally Posted by hamstrman View Post
I... don't know. I like that there's a correct answer. Or a series of correct answers, but a conclusion. That you went from start to finish and can look at what you just did and know it's right.

And it's fun. Is that weird? I really enjoyed the first 4 actuarial exams! I used to tutor a couple of friends in calculus in high school and was a TA in my FM graduate level course as an undergrad. It's something I've been good at my entire life.
good god, man, you're me!

I left my actuarial job about 8 months ago, partly because of non-work stuff but also because I didn't want to keep pushing spreadsheets around to solve to someone else's pre-determined answer. Now that I'm getting to the point where I think, "I need to look for a new job", I'm not sure what to look for.

Actuary? Data scientist? Quantitative researcher?

I appreciate the suggestion for indeed. I'm going to use that. Biggest thing I think I'm going to do is basically DTNF's suggestion earlier:

1) Find a company I want to work for.
2) Get a job with that company.

Hardest part will be identifying #1, I think.
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