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Default If your next exam is SDM, some important information on making passing SDM easier

If you are on to SDM this sitting, just want to let you know that we have a SDM study product that has produced some of the highest ever relative pass rates on an actuarial exam.

Our SDM Online Seminar (now called Premium Package) had a pass rate of 78% in 2018 (and we are on track to equal or even better that for the Spring sitting).

That is a 30% improvement on the overall SDM SOA pass rate. Which is almost unheard of for an actuarial study product.

How did we do that? We have found a few tricks and tools that have had a remarkable effect on students ability to pass this particular exam and would love for you to have that advantage on the SDM exam.

The premium package includes our online seminar and the price is $950 - which you will find to be much less costly than our competition's online seminar and we have a significantly higher than average pass rate -- the two things that students want most!

More information can be found here - including testimonials from students that switched to XP for the SDM exam and were very happy with their choice!

Now back to celebrating your Foundations of CFE results!

I help students pass SDM

XP premium package SDM pass rate in Spring 2019 was 91.7%!

Using anything less is clearly a very poor strategic decision
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