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Originally Posted by MD1313 View Post
What about the "task roles" question? The question said something like, "Here is what the VP of distribution thinks, here is what the VP of manufacturing thinks. What are each of their task roles?" Do you remember that wording from a reading?

Like I said, I just wrote their conflict responses (i.e. competing, advocating, collaborating, accommodating, etc.) My friend said he responded using the group types (i.e. management, advisory, project, etc.).
There was a table in Ch. 11 of OB - 11.3 on task roles -about the roles various team members play in the accomplishment of the teams tasks/goals. It was a small area in the OB readings. I don't think you would have got any marks with those answers. This was a tough question if you didn't know the detail of this topic

It's one of those topics that make doing a quick skim of some the source material (specifically for OB) in the final week that can help with filling in any weaknesses in knowledge.

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