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Originally Posted by AbedNadir View Post
Anyone know where I can see major changes to the syllabus in the past few years?
2016 and 2018 were the last major changes. '16 saw the addition of the new GLM paper; '18 saw the Fisher study note replace a bunch of stuff and two of the Mahler papers get dropped. This year just has the ISO CGL plan getting updated to the 2014 edition; not sure what real impact that has yet.

-- Candidate X has this pretty well outlined, too.

Originally Posted by itGetsBetter View Post
I thought the source material was pretty difficult to decode for 8 (in contrast, 9 was quite readable). TIA and Rising Fellow Cookbook were a winning and time saving combination for me. I passed on 207.5 hours with these tools. For reference, that is the least study time I have put in for any exam.
The material is definitely dense, but I think a lot of it has to do with how familiar you are with the topics. If you've done large account pricing, some of this will come easier. If you're doing GLM-type stuff, that might come easier. I would definitely agree, for things you don't know well or that don't click, find a 2nd source to help you decode it.
8 - currently in progress
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