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Originally Posted by Wannabe Actuary View Post
you realize that I've posted links to articles where the sony execs say that they're not sure if the PS3 will be able to play blu-ray dvds or not now that the blu-ray discs had a second level of copyright protection added to them, right? (I'll look for the post with that link)

btw, I would put all my money on the blu-ray part being the hold up for the release

oh, and the two blu-ray players that bestbuy sells are 1,000 I'm not too sure how Sony plans to sell a game system and blu-ray player for < the cost of a blu-ray player.
Thanks for the article. I try to read every article I can find on this stuff, but I must have missed that one since it was close to exam time. Reading the part you highlighted doesn't have me too concerned though. The copy protection I think they are talking about is one reason for delayed production on the PS3 because they were waiting for the standard to be finalized; and the other is that they weren't sure if they would allow full 1080p HD resolution through the analog outputs(component) to prevent bootlegging. Most Blu-ray discs so far have not utilized this option, and I plan on using the HDMI port anyway, which eliminates this issue.

As for how Sony plans to sell a game system/blu-ray player for so cheap, they will be taking a substantial loss on each system as every game console has done at launch. Sony will most likely be allowing a larger than usual loss on the PS3 per unit because it is much more important for them to get Blu-ray into the mainstream to help win the format war than to quickly make a profit on the PS3 console. They also envision it having a 10 year lifespan and selling 200 million units. Both I think are high estimates, which bode well for us getting a cheaper price now.

The one problem I see is that the PS3 will most likely be an inferior Blu-ray player as the PS2 was not a very good DVD player.

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