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blu-ray costs have come down article about the PS3 talked about a blu-ray player for buy has two for 1000 each. that's almost a 50% cut in a matter of months. it won't be long before they drop more.

HD-dvd is selling for 500 and has more discs available already (82 vs 53) the last time I checked best buy online.

honestly, since I'm not about to drop 500 bucks at this point, I haven't looked into much of the details of either at this point.

plus my HDTV is only 720p (about two years old) and only has one HDMI port (my current DVD player)

one nice thing, which was a concern at first, was if they would be able to integrate the old 'red' laser and the blue laser (thus blu-ray) together in one unit....both blu-ray and hd-dvd players are backwards compatible, which means only one player will be needed, which is nice
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