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Sony will do what it needs to to get Blu-ray in, since their future essentially rides on Blu-ray + PS3. They've failed a number of times at forcing a medium onto customers, and PS3 is the best bet for them to get it going. That's why they'll take a loss (a huge one at that). I'll probably get one of the PS3 and 360 at some point in the future, but I'm just planning on watching how each performs for now.

As for the Wii... I guess it's an okay price. Having Wii Sports as a bundled game is a far better idea than selling it as a stand-alone (calling it 5 games in 1 might be a stretch), but I imagine that Nintendo rationalized raising the price to $250 because of the bundle. I like the max of $10 for Virtual Console games, mainly because Nintendo could have done way worse and charged $15-$20 for no reason. What I didn't like is the price of extra controllers: one source mentioned that the remote and attachment will be sold separately (first mistake), and that together, they'll cost $60 (second mistake). $60! And most games I've noticed use both items together! If that's true, it definitely wouldn't be a good move.
see the link I put in post #51...the bundle includes one controller and one nunchuck and that additional controllers will be $40, additional nunchucks will be $20

The Wii will ship with one controller and one secondary controller (dubbed the 'nunchuck') for more advanced games. Additional controllers will be sold separately for $40. (Additional nunchucks will sell separately for $20.)
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I like playing with myself
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