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Originally Posted by r. mutt View Post
I dunno. I've been a skeptic throughout this thread, but keep your locations manageable enough (good weather, reasonable traffic markers and drivers) and you could probably get something out there, by December of 2019.
All right, for the purposes of my "I'll take the over" statement, I'm going to define "mass produced and in service" as meaning that there are at least 1,500 cars produced and at least 1,000 in service by 12/31/2019, capable of traveling wherever a passenger wants to travel in the metro area where deployed at approximately the same speed a human-operated taxi would travel.

That seems like a pretty modest definition of "mass produced". I read recently that Honda's factory in Ohio is producing 1,800 cars PER DAY, so this is less than one day's production.

Edited to add blue section to further clarify what "in service" means.
Originally Posted by Gandalf
The thing that is clearest is twig's advice

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