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Maybe this is a Midwestern thing, but even after a few years of being out of school, I would never recommend that someone use networking as their primary means of obtaining a position. For one thing, people, even at Meetups, are often too reserved: they're not usually there to meet other people, and they're there because they have a slight interest in the subject and they might learn something. The few that are actually interested in networking at those events are of the minority, and not of the majority. Usually those that are actually interested in networking are the presenters at such events (I would say ~80% of the time or so, they outright tell you to add them on LinkedIn, etc.).

Those that actually have built a network by the time they have their bachelors degrees, from my experience, either have a family or friend connection who is high up in management in some company. These people don't have to worry about having a job when they graduate and (essentially by default) already have a job when they've graduated, so it wouldn't surprise me if these are the types of people who emphasize networking more than others.

For what it's worth, in my professional career, no one was interested in networking with me at all until I got a position that was close to the highest executive levels of an organization, and I had 4 years of experience by then. My experience is that there's a small minority of people that are actually interested in networking; quantitative-types are not usually in this population.
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