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There's a lot of variety in actuarial work. My first job was a total bust. Not a bad job for someone, but it didn't suit me. Almost gave up on the career, being ignorant and just out of college. But my second and third jobs suited me much better. Went from finance to product pricing, from large image-conscious company, to small friendly companies, from concentrating on one thing to getting broadly exposed to all actuarial work in the company (though the companies were less sophisticated), etc.

So there very well may be another actuarial position that would suit you. Or possibly not. I would suspect you might need to work with a career counselor, because I agree with Westley that programming is everything you don't like about actuarial, multiplied.
Maybe underwriting would suit you? Maybe you need to get away from insurance altogether? Maybe another type of actuarial work would be fine? Not sure, but it sounds like you need to work through what it is you really are looking for, what jobs provide that, and how to get there with your skill set, rather than just jumping from one thing you don't like to another that you might be qualified for but doesn't seem to address your issues. Just an opinion based on your short post, so I could, of course, be way off.
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