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Originally Posted by DjPim View Post
I resubbed for a month using gold I had on one of my toons. Also downloading a client for 1.12 lights hope server, depending on a few things. Right now I found an old char I played back in tbc that was around 45, so I plan on getting them to 60 and freezing exp to play some 'project 60' content, though it will be very different.

I'm still debating between warrior/mage/warlock. On one hand, 2 of the 4 or 5 people I'll play classic with are going warrior and (probably) mage, so I don't want to ruin that experience, but on the other hand I don't want to base my whole experience on that, choose a class I won't enjoy as much, then find out we don't play together as often as we're anticipating.
Created an account on Lights Hope. JFC their progressive server is crowded. Like, patch expansion day 1 crowded in the newbie/starting zones. I'm assuming there was an influx from WoW Classic hype. Was not expecting to have to spawn camp.

edit: should have said expansion instead of patch.
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You should learn to communicate in a serious manner before you expect a serious answer.
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Force of habit, 2pac's been typing "88" a LOT since Trump got elected.
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You ought to see the bush. It's impressive.
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10:53 pm: some ppl dont take advices well
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9:45 pm: ao fan would be hot covered in mayo!
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if you'd like I can come visit and dress up like a girl and get in some fights
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i think everyone needs to do this type of thing to get a dose of reality and straighten people up. it's kinda like going to the mountains and becoming a monk except it's with hundreds of potatoes and a lot of stoners with tattoos in a kitchen

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